Kent State suspect identified

Apr 3, 2014

Credit WCPN

Police have identified the man suspected of firing a gun on the Kent State campus Wednesday night.

24-year-old first year student Quavaugntay Tyler has been arrested on felony weapons charges after he apparently shot himself in the hand during an argument with two women outside a Bowman Hall classroom.

Kent State Police Chief John Peach says Tyler was located at a nearby hospital around 11:30 pm.

“We received a call from Robinson Memorial Hospital that a person matching that description had entered for emergency treatment," says Peach. "At that point we had already been monitoring by way of GPS and cell phone the location of this individual and confirmed that he was in the Robinson area at that particular time.”

Peach says Tyler is on probation for another crime and had been a suspect in thefts on campus. The two women involved in the argument are students and were not injured.

Units from 10 local districts and the Portage County SWAT team responded to the gunshot reports and searched two buildings during a two-hour lockdown of the Kent State campus.