If It's Your First Time at Lunch Beat, You Have To Dance

May 2, 2014

The idea behind Lunch Beat is simple – ditch your desk for an hour-long party in the middle of the work day. If you dance, you get a free lunch.

Lunch Beat was first brought to Cincinnati by Starfire Council last Spring. These semi-impromptu pop-up lunch events are designed to bring people together, highlight the fun and creative energy in the city of Cincinnati and most of all - to get people of all kinds to DANCE!

The original concept behind Lunch Beat was born in a garage in Stockholm, Sweden in June of 2010 and attracted 14 people.  Now, Lunch Beat events draw hundreds of attendees around the globe and has become and international movement.

The Lunch Beat website hosts their Manifesto, comprised of 10 simple rules:

Rule 1: If it’s your first lunch at Lunch Beat, you have to dance.
Rule 2: If it’s your second, third or fourth time lunch at Lunch Beat, you have to dance.
Rule 3: If you are getting too tired to actually dance at Lunch Beat, please have your lunch at some other place.
Rule 4: You don’t talk about your job at Lunch Beat.
Rule 5: At Lunch Beat everyone present is your dance partner.
Rule 6: Any Lunch Beat are to be no longer than 60 minutes long and set during ”lunch time”.
Rule 7: Lunch Beat always serve their guest with a 1 Dj-set and 1 take away meal.
Rule 8: Water is always served during a Lunch Beat for free.
Rule 9: Lunch Beat is a preferably drug free environment.
Rule 10: Lunch Beat can be set up anywhere by anyone as long as they are announced as public events, are nonprofit arrangements and are directed by this manifesto.

The next Lunch Beat Cincinnati event is scheduled for May 29 at The Contemporary Arts Center.

"All Lifestyles" by Beastie Boys from the album To the 5 Burroughs