House Proposal Makes Kasich Seek Lawmaker Panel Approval For Medicaid Expansion Funds Twice A Year

May 1, 2017

Republicans leaders in the House have rolled out more changes to the state budget bill which includes tougher access to Medicaid expansion money. The final budget vote is expected in the House this week. 

Republican Finance Chair Ryan Smith read through every new amendment added to the budget bill. But it was the very first provision that stuck out the most.

A proposed change would force Gov. John Kasich’s Medicaid department to go to the six lawmakers on the state Controlling Board every six months to approve the use of expanded Medicaid funds.

“So that we can keep an eye on the waiver and understand where we’re at in the process and just have a little bit more communicative process along the way.”

Kasich generated controversy when he asked the Controlling Board to approve his Medicaid expansion four years ago when most lawmakers opposed it.

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