The Hiders: Temenos

Sep 27, 2013

If it is true that you can be judged by the company you keep, then The Hiders’ Billy Alletzhauser is in a great place.

Much like fellow Ass Pony Chuck Cleaver, Alletzhauser has found a second family in The Hiders, and Temenos, the 4th full-length release from the group showcases amazing talent and depth.

One of the first things I noticed in listening to Temenos was the hair on the back of my neck standing up whenever Alletzhauser was joined in vocal harmony by Beth Harris.  Through all 9 tracks on this album, it never ceased to amaze and mystify me. 

Musically, Brian Moeller [drums], Glen May [bass] and Kevin Carlisle [keyboards] join forces with Alletzhauser and Harris to create a sound that can go from big, gritty and driving to quiet, intimate and soulful.

Another thing that caught my attention right away was how well this album is produced.  Recorded and mastered by the band, the sound is gorgeous, deep and rich and every instrument is given due presence and doesn’t get lost in the mix.  Plus, each track is specifically engineered to deliver a unique experience and feeling.

I am also so very pleased that the lyrics are printed in the sleeve of the CD because the poetry is stunning.  There is a majestic melancholy to the words of songs like “Wooden Woman” and “Shipwreck.”

“Hazel Reece” is a song that resonates with every person’s experience of that love you never quite forgot, or gave up on.

For me, the pinnacle of the album is the song “Bluest of Blue,” a song of reflection on a life wasted but where hope still lingers.

The Hiders’ Temenos is a sentimental waltz through pain, loss, grief and suffering; but you’ll find yourself loving every moment of it.

If your music collection includes one or more of the following: Neil Young, The Grateful Dead, The Rolling Stones, The Band, Willie Nelson or Wilco – then please add The Hiders’ Temenos among that collection.  You will find that it is in good company.

Temenos by The Hiders is available at Shake-It Records.