Hamilton Co Commission could vote on MSD policy Wednesday

Jan 14, 2013

The Hamilton County Commissioner could now vote Wednesday on a resolution asking the Metropolitan Sewer District to end its responsible bidder policy on contracts.  

The commission last week said it's bad for business.  

But some Cincinnati Council Members who approved the policy are defending it.  

Chris Seelbach said it's designed to make sure job training is a part of the multi-billion dollar plan to rebuild the sewer system.  

He said he's working with Commission President Chris Monzel on a solution.
Hamilton County owns M-S-D, but it's operated by Cincinnati.  

“We're trying to address those concerns, we’re 100 percent  willing to try find a compromise here,” Seelbach said.  “Because to be able to get those dollars for the job training that will allow more people to get work is incredibly important. “

Council Member Wendell Young said the policy includes an apprenticeship program.

“The idea is not to just train people and then they have no work, but to equip them with a way to continue to work,” Young said.  “And that's the part that some people are finding problematic.  But I think there’s a way to make it work.  I think we just need to get together and iron out the differences and make sure that we do that. “

Some businesses complained to the commission last week the policy, which includes apprenticeship mandates and other regulations, makes them ineligible to even bid for sewer projects.