Green BEAN Delivery

Jan 23, 2013

Green B.E.A.N. Delivery

For some, January 1st brings with it a renewed vow to “eat better.”

When you contribute $150 or more to our Winter Fund Drive, you can receive a complimentary delivery of fresh produce from Green BEAN Delivery.

Available to new and existing customers!

Donate Now:

A credit card is required for the processing of your order, but you will not be charged and you may cancel your delivery at any time.

Here’s how it works: we’ll process your gift and Green Bean Delivery will send you an email with a promo code for this special offer. You register, put in your delivery information, add the promo code, select your produce, and Green Bean Delivery will deliver a complimentary produce bin right to your house!  So if you’ve ever thought to yourself,” I really need to eat better”…this is the perfect “try it before you buy it” opportunity.

Your gift supports LOCAL public radio and local farmers. Ask about the Green Bean Delivery Offer when you call 513-419-7155, but don’t wait because this kind of fresh offer can’t last forever!