The Grand City Experiment

Sep 3, 2014

  It can start with a good morning nod, a handshake or an invitation for a cup of coffee, that gesture that says “welcome.” Most folks here know it’'s a good place to live. But often those who move into the area, who don'’t identify with the east or west side, who didn'’t go to high school here, can get the feeling Cincinnati is not all that accepting of outsiders.

The Grand City Experiment is a movement to change that, to make our town a more inclusive and welcoming place to live. Created by C-Change, a leadership development program of the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber of Commerce, The Grand City Experiment is inviting everyone to get involved in the project.

Here to explain its mission and goals is Aftab Pureval, In-house counsel with Proctor & Gamble and co-chair of The Grand City Experiment.