Flyers' NCAA run a PR boon for Dayton

May 7, 2014

Credit Provided / University of Dayton

The Dayton Flyers' Men's NCAA basketball tournament run brought in more than just good press for the University of Dayton.

A study commissioned by two Dayton City Commissioners finds the team's unexpected success generated increased publicity for the city as well.

Credit Provided / University of Dayton

The report finds the total estimated publicity value was $72.6 million. The report suggests the team's Cinderella-like succession of upset wins drove up the number of positive impressions nationwide. It says the Dayton Flyers were mentioned on cable and syndicated network television nearly 3,000 times between March 19 and 30.

The study does not factor in the economic impact of hosting the NCAA First Four. A separate report on that is expected from the Montgomery County Visitor's Bureau.

Here's the full report from the City of Dayton: