FitzGerald-Kearney ticket now official

Nov 21, 2013

Democratic running mates Ed FitzGerald and Eric Kearney at Crowley's in Mt. Adams prepare to hit the campaign trail.
Credit Ann Thompson / WVXU

State Senator Eric Kearney's life is about to get busier. The Cincinnati 9th district Democrat has been officially introduced as gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald's running mate.

Supporters packed Crowley's in Mt. Adams waiting for the announcement and hung newly printed signs.

Kearney introduced his family and said, "Thank you so much, and Ed, I cannot thank you enough. This is really a great honor for me. I'm very excited and very enthusiastic."

FitzGerald says he's equally excited having found a person who is going to be a partner, get the state going in the right direction and help lead the ticket to victory next November. "And I'm just as privileged and pleased that at this time I get to introduce your old friend but my new partner in turning around the state, this great state senator from Cincinnati, Eric Kearney, the next Lt. Governor from the State of Ohio.

FitzGerald joked Kearney should get ready to do a lot of walking. Kearney said he knows something about that. Each year he walks 107 miles from Cincinnati to Columbus to raise awareness for children's health issues.