Fewer of us traveling this holiday weekend, but not by much

May 22, 2013

AAA is projecting a slight decline in Memorial Day travel.  The automobile association says 34.8 million people will be traveling more than 50 miles from home Thursday through Monday.  Last year it was 35.1 million.   The automobile association estimates 1,312, 559 Ohioans plan to travel for the holiday, also a slight decline from last year. 

The economy's been doing better, but....

Cheryl Parker with AAA in Cincinnati said one reason for the decrease is the impact of the  federal government's budget sequester is starting to be felt. 

"The other thing is, we saw pent-up demand after the recession and we think that demand has been largely satisfied,"  she said.

Despite the slight decline, Parker notes that travel volumes are still above the historical averages.

The word on prices at the pump as you head out for the weekend

At $3.83, the average price for gas in Cincinnati is 21 cents higher than a year ago, but Parker said a survey of travelers found that 62 percent of them weren't going to let that affect their plans.  For those who said it would have an impact on their travel, 27 percent were going to economize in other areas. 

There's also a bit of good news on gasoline prices.  AAA analysts feel confident that prices in the Midwest have peaked and should start a slow, but steady, decline.

Happy Motoring!