Drug trafficking route disrupted but problems persist

Jul 18, 2014

Law enforcement from Cincinnati, Hamilton County and Indiana discuss the latest bust in which 14 people were arrested for trafficking heroin and cocaine.
Credit Tana Weingartner / WVXU

Law enforcement from Hamilton and Dearborn counties are celebrating a big drug bust but say there's still a lot that must be done to curb the explosion of heroin use in the tri-state.

Authorities seized 25 pounds of heroin and 18 pounds of cocaine as it was being transported through Indiana from Chicago en route to Cincinnati.

Assistant Cincinnati Police Chief David Bailey reiterates heroin is a big problem. "So how do you solve it? You solve it by working together, obviously. Tighten up the borders to keep it from coming in if we can. And try to tell these folks not to get involved in this stuff. The tragedy that we've seen because of heroin is amazing and it's not just an inner-city problem, this is all over. I've never seen anything like it in my 27 years (on the force). This touches everybody, every place. It crosses all lines."

Fourteen people were arrested in connection with this latest bust. Authorities say the operation spans six states, including networks in Cincinnati, Dayton and Springfield.

Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Neil, Cincinnati police and Indiana State Patrol all agree similar runs are being made daily, if not hourly.