Distinguishing Fake News From True Journalism And How Local News Organizations Strive For Truth

Mar 14, 2017

The term "fake news" has become common during the last several months, as the public's trust in the mass media continues to decline. The internet, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and podcasts have all dramatically changed the way people get their news. 

Today, when virtually anyone can post a story online with no oversight, it is often difficult to distinguish the real from the fake.

Joining us to discuss how to tell the difference between real and fake news, and the standards news organizations set to make sure stories are accurately reported, are Anthony Shoemaker, news editor for the Dayton Daily News, Newscenter 7 and WHIO Radio; WCPO.com/WCPO Insider Local Government and Politics reporter, and Cincinnati Society of Professional Journalists President, Tom McKee; and WVXU politics reporter Howard Wilkinson.

Cincinnati’s Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) will host a panel discussion titled, “Truth Matters. Facts Matter,” Thursday, March 23 from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at the National VOA Museum of Broadcasting Museum in West Chester.  The public event, sponsored by Kehoe Financial Advisors, is part of museum events to commemorate the Voice of America’s 75th anniversary this year.