Council delays vote on funding for Westwood Square

Mar 20, 2013

Cincinnati Council did not vote Wednesday on funding a feasibility study for the Westwood Civic Square project. 

The decision was delayed after the Westwood Civic Association said the plan needs more discussion. 

In a letter the group said right now it's not for or against the project.  Becky Weber with the association spoke to Council.

“And we just feel as the recognized organization in Westwood, that we just want a little bit more time to get everyone involved and that’s all we’re asking,” Weber said.

The improvements are proposed for the intersections of Harrison, Epworth and Urwiler Avenues. 

The $10,000 will pay for a feasibility study and preliminary design work for a civic square.

Resident Cathy Bach asked Council to move ahead with the city funding.

“I would like to see everyone in Westwood obviously give as much input on it as is possible, but this is really the first step,” Bach said.

The square plan was the result of a three-day urban design workshop held last fall to flesh out the neighborhood's vision for redevelopment of the business and adjacent residential areas. 

Council's vote could now happen next week.