Cincy Police want to hear from you

Feb 21, 2014

Postcards like this (only blue) are being sent to people asking them to rate their experience with Cincinnati Police.
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How would you rate your interaction with the Cincinnati Police?

The department is sending out surveys asking people to rate officers following encounters ranging from traffic accidents to non-violent crimes.

The surveys are part of the National Police Research Platform's Police Community Interaction Survey on improving policing by the University of Illinois at Chicago's Center for Research in Law and Justice.

Lt. Debbie Bauer says Cincinnati is one of just 100 law enforcement agencies asked to participate.

"We've been very innovative over the past 8-10 years," says Bauer. "We have the CIRV initiative. We have the collaborative agreement which changed a lot of things and improved things in Cincinnati. We're pretty much one of the forerunners of a lot of new ideas in policing."

Bauer says the goal is to get 500 responses. The survey can be done online or by phone.