Cincy council delays vote on opposing Section 8 sale in Avondale

Feb 26, 2013

Cincinnati officials and Avondale residents will likely have a chance to meet next week with the firm that wants to buy nearly 750 units of HUD-supported Section 8 housing in the neighborhood.  

City Council was scheduled to vote Tuesday on a resolution opposing the sale.  But the item was held because of the planned meeting.  

Kathy Schwab is with the Greater Cincinnati Local Initiatives Support Corporation.

“The purchasers themselves will come to Cincinnati as early as next Monday to meet with the community, the Council and anyone that would care to talk to them,” Schwab said.  

Community Development Director Michael Cervay said the city's Law Department reports the properties do have problems.

“Five of these 10 properties are on their chronic nuisance list,” Cervay said.  “The five happen to be, five of the ten greatest chronic nuisance properties in the city.  The new purchaser has some challenges here.”

Avondale residents are concerned because they say a similar sale of such property in 2007 resulted in the default, foreclosure and physical deterioration of the properties to the disadvantage of surrounding residents.