Cincy Council could vote on extra streetcar money in two weeks

May 13, 2013

Cincinnati City Manager Milton Dohoney spent more than two-and-a-half hours Monday answering questions about his plan to find an additional $17.5 million to build the streetcar project.  

About two weeks ago he suggested using funds from several different sources to cover the gap.  

Dohoney was asked about future cost overruns with the plan?  He said that’s possible, but there is some certainty.

“Because the utility work has been going on for a while, we have already been underground,” Dohoney said.  “So we have a degree, a level of certainty about what’s there because we have already been dealing with it.”

Dohoney was asked repeatedly if the current $133 million cost is the final price tag?  He said that’s uncertain because of a number of variables including the actual cost of the rails.  

Dohoney was also asked if he was seeking a blank check from Council?

“I would never expect or ask for the policy making body of this government to give the administration a blank check to do anything,” Dohoney said.  “And I’m not doing that here.”

Council didn’t act on Dohoney’s plan for closing the streetcar gap.  It could consider such an ordinance in two weeks.  

Meanwhile, Council Member Charlie Winburn proposed a motion asking the manager to cease and desist from moving forward on the streetcar.  Christopher Smitherman was the only other member to sign the motion and it was referred to committee.