Cincinnati tree fee will remain the same

Feb 4, 2013

Cincinnati homeowners pay a fee to the city to take care of trees on public rights of way.  And for 2014 that rate of 18 cents per foot will remain unchanged.  

The full Cincinnati Council will likely approve the measure Wednesday.  

Officials said two years ago residents who live along public rights of way in the city pay about $9 a year to the city to maintain trees along the streets.

Parks Director Willie Carden helps to oversee the program.

“This is the same rate that we’ve had since 2006,” Carden said.  “We were able by policy change to save $216,000 and that $216,000 will mitigate any increases for the next couple of years.”

The funds are used for basic services like clearing trees from streets after storms or removing any public tree that falls and damages a home.  

A state law allows the city to charge a special assessment fee for these services.  

Officials estimate there are 85-thousand trees along public rights of way in the city.