Cincinnati Police pilot fitness test opens to department

Jan 22, 2013

A fitness test, designed to offer incentives for Cincinnati Police officers to get in shape, will open up to the entire force in March.  I found out just how tough the standards are.

After struggling to get just a few more sit-ups, Police Academy trainer Amy Moore didn't give me much time before I started doing push ups. There are different levels. Each one earns a different number of stars. Here's what she would have to do to get four gold stars.

"I would then need to do 38 sit ups, 20 push ups or 77% of my body weight and then the times are a whole lot quicker. You know, I'd have to do that mile and a half in 11:35, the walk in 39 minutes, the meter run in 1:05 and the bike ride in 18:22.

Most officers in the pilot program got three gold stars, the maximum at that time. Sgt. Dwayne Wilson says this voluntary program is for everybody, not just the fittest.

"A more healthy employee uses less sick time, is more productive at work, those types of things is what he's (Chief James Craig) really looking for."

There is a competitive element. Police will wear the fitness ribbon on their uniform. But Sgt. Ron Hale, already in good shape, is not giving up his donuts.

"I like donuts. I'm a runner and I'll challenge anybody to win. We can run some distance."

Want to see if you can pass the test? Here are the Cooper Standards from the Cincinnati Police Department with, left to right, 1 Silver Star to far right, 4 Gold Stars