Cincinnati court reinstates early voting for 3 days before election

Oct 5, 2012

A major court ruling Friday declares that Ohio may not ban early in-person voting on the three days just before election day itself.

A federal appeals court says on Saturday, Sunday and Monday right before election day, November 6th, Ohioans may have the right to go to an early election voting center in their county and cast their ballot - if the local election board agrees.

Ohio's top election official, Republican Jon Husted, says he'll make a decision Monday on how to proceed legally and provide administrative guidance to Ohio’s boards of elections.

Democrats from the Obama re-election campaign had sought this ruling. They charged a new state law wiping out the eleventh hour in-person voting for most Ohioans was unconstitutionally unfair and basically a plot by Republicans to hold down the votes of the poor, students and minorities - groups that might tend to vote for Democrats.