Celebrate as My-Thai the elephant turns 40

May 1, 2013

My-Thai, the Cincinnati Zoo's 40-year-old Asian elephant, didn't waste any time knocking her "cake" over and breaking it up. It wasn't long before My-Thai started to devour the cake, brought in by a forklift, and made of frozen gelatin, Kool-aid and mountains of fresh produce and fruit.

Happy reunion

Retired head elephant trainer Cecil Jackson, Sr. hadn't been to the Zoo in more than ten years. Wednesday he was reunited with the elephant he hand-picked at 9-months-old. My-Thai snuggled her trunk on Cecil's lap when his son brought him close in a wheelchair. Current head trainer Cecil Jackson, Jr. says elephants never forget. He reflects on why elephants are so special.

My-Thai's legacy

My-Thai marched on-stage for the opera Aida and in several Findlay Market Opening Day Parades. In addition, she handed out the first pitch on the Cincinnati Reds pitching mound and went to parties at the home of former Reds owner Marge Schott.

Asian elephants can live to be more than 50-years-old. My-Thai is the oldest elephant at the Cincinnati Zoo.