Boston attack isn't slowing down runners

Apr 22, 2013

An oft-repeated theme after the Boston Marathon bombing was that runners are a hardy lot, who wouldn't let the attack intimidate them.  Add to that, they're also a tight knit, determined group.  

Banding together

Runnings stores and groups across the country are holding events today to show solidarity with the victims of the Boston attack.

Bob Roncker's Running Spot stores will be participating in the national Runners for Boston fun runs (or walks if that's more your pace).

"The event this evening will be at all the Running Spots--Glendale, Loveland, Newport and O'Bryonville--at 6:30," said Joe Fung, manager of the O'Bryonville store.  

Fung said it's in support of the Boston One Fund, which is gathering money for the victims.

It's a 2.62 mile event and participants are being encouraged to wear the iconic blue and yellow of the Boston Marathon or any race tee shirt.

Don't tread on me

Meantime, on the the web site Buzzfeed you can see photos of a group of runners who wouldn't let themselves  be intimidated by the attack::

"At least 15 runners who ran in the Boston Marathon Monday laced up again Saturday to run in the Salt Lake City Marathon as a show of support for the victims and as a sign they refused to be terrorized, even though that only gave them five days of recovery."