Mark Perzel

Host of The Book Club @ 91.7

Mark Perzel hosts The Book Club @ 91.7 Saturday mornings at 7:00 am. 

In addition, he can be heard weekday evenings hosting classical music on 90.9 WGUC.  He is also known throughout the public radio industry for inventive, award-winning holiday programs like Tunes from the Crypt, Tunes from the Crypt Goes to the Movies, Feast for the Ears, and Love Greetings.

Mark has worked in the radio industry for more than thirty years. He began in the business when he was a teenager in Charlotte, North Carolina, volunteering for a public radio station.   He attended the University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music, majoring in broadcasting and minoring in violin performance.

He has performed speaking parts with performing organizations throughout the tri-state including the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Carnegie Opera Theatre, and the Linton Chamber Music Series, and done voiceover work for numerous commercials and industrial videos.

Ways To Connect

Mark Perzel speaks with Christine McNamara and Amanda Close from Brightly, an online resource for parents who want to raise lifelong readers.

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