Mark Perzel

Host of The Book Club @ 91.7

Mark Perzel hosts The Book Club @ 91.7 Saturday mornings at 7:00 am. 

In addition, he can be heard weekday evenings hosting classical music on 90.9 WGUC.  He is also known throughout the public radio industry for inventive, award-winning holiday programs like Tunes from the Crypt, Tunes from the Crypt Goes to the Movies, Feast for the Ears, and Love Greetings.

Mark has worked in the radio industry for more than thirty years. He began in the business when he was a teenager in Charlotte, North Carolina, volunteering for a public radio station.   He attended the University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music, majoring in broadcasting and minoring in violin performance.

He has performed speaking parts with performing organizations throughout the tri-state including the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Carnegie Opera Theatre, and the Linton Chamber Music Series, and done voiceover work for numerous commercials and industrial videos.


The Book Club @ 91.7
6:15 am
Fri January 23, 2015

David Welky: The Thousand Year Flood

The Thousand Year Flood by David Welky

In the early days of 1937, the Ohio River, swollen by heavy winter rains, began rising. And rising. And rising.

By the time the waters crested, the Ohio and Mississippi had climbed to record heights. Nearly four hundred people had died, while a million more had run from their homes.

The deluge caused more than half a billion dollars of damage at a time when the Great Depression still battered the nation.

A striking narrative of danger and adventure - The Thousand-Year Flood breathes new life into a fascinating yet little-remembered piece of American story.

The Book Club @ 91.7
6:10 am
Fri January 23, 2015

Kat Fugate: Intuitive

Intuitive by Kat Fugate

What if you had the power to bring someone you love back from the dead?

Intuitive, by local author and ​Middeltown high School teacher, ​Kat Fugate, tells the tale of Miah Rogers who never thought she’d be desperate to capture the past and hold it tightly in a mason jar. She never thought she’d be entering her senior year at Luken High wondering if she is a lunatic; but after her mom’s mysterious death and sightings of her mom’s ghost, she is a shell-shocked teenager.

Now, she must decide what kind of person she is: the kind of person who ignores the truth or the kind of person who is willing to stand up for what she knows is right.

The Book Club @ 91.7
6:05 am
Fri January 23, 2015

Jon Katz: Saving Simon

Saving Simon: How a Rescue Donkey Taught Me the Meaning of Compassion by Jon Katz

In this heartfelt, thoughtful, and inspiring memoir, Saving Simon: How a Rescue Donkey Taught Me the Meaning of Compassion, New York Times bestselling author Jon Katz tells the story of his beloved rescue donkey, Simon, and the wondrous ways that animals make us wiser and kinder people.

Live Events
6:00 am
Fri January 23, 2015

The Cincinnati World Piano Competition

2014 CWPC Gold Medalist Moye Chen

Laura Bock from Cincinnati World Piano Competition shares some information about the concerts from 2014 Artist Division Gold-Medalist Moye Chen.

The dinner concert is open to public Wednesday, January 28 at 6pm at Queen City Club.

The Book Club @ 91.7
11:21 am
Fri January 16, 2015

Christopher Scotton: The Secret Wisdom of the Earth

The Secret Wisdom of the Earth by Christopher Scotton

The Secret Wisdom of the Earth is the tale of an adult looking back on the summer when he sloughed the coverings of a boy and took his first faltering steps as a man among a rich cast of characters and an ambitious effort to reclaim a once great community deep in Appalachian Kentucky, deeply affected by mountaintop removal.