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Rinehart has been a radio reporter since 1994 with positions in markets like Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska; Sioux City, Iowa; Dayton, Ohio; and most recently as senior correspondent and anchor for Cincinnati’s WLW-AM.

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The makeup of the Hamilton County Commission won't change after Tuesday’s elections.  When County Commission President Chris Monzel voted to separate Music Hall from the “Save Our Icons” proposal, some voters were incensed, and took a renewed interest in his re-election campaign.  His official Democratic challenger was Sean Patrick Feeney, a relative unknown to local politics.  Feeney refused to step aside for a more well-known name: former Vice Mayor Jim Tarbell.  Tarbell mounted his own write-in campaign.  But in the end, it didn't matter.  Tarbell pulled in only about 3.5% of the vote, w

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The 157 year old Davis Furniture building at Central Parkway and Main Street, has been vacant for ten years, and since that time, it's been deteriorating.  Scott Stough of the Stough Group says it's an eyesore that his company would like to get rid of.  They've been renovating buildings across the street, and he says the Davis building is depreciating the value.  The Stough Group purchased the four story structure last year and looked into fixing it, but he says it was too costly.  Stough says they looked for historic tax credits along with credits to turn the building residential, or a com

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Generally speaking, parking lots don't absorb a lot of rainfall.  Instead, the water is either directed into a retention pond or into the nearest gutter and eventually goes into the local water treatment system.  The influx of water, even from light rain, puts extra stress on the already taxed infrastructure.