Belinda Cai

Assistant Producer, Cincinnati Edition
Provided / Brad Cooper/People's Liberty

People’s Liberty, for the second year in a row, is taking applications this month for two Haile Fellows. They are awarded $100,000 each to improve the city. One of last year’s grantees is using the money to build two tiny houses in Over-the-Rhine. They are fewer than 300 square feet — about the size of some master bedrooms — and are meant to increase affordable living, but are quite a change from the norm.

New Beginnings

Oct 15, 2015

On this episode of Local Exposure, we discuss New Beginnings.

Introduction: A re-evaluation of the 'P-Word'

Part 1: Meet Belinda Cai, the newest contributor to Local Exposure

Part 2: Get a preview of the Cincinnati Cyclones 2015-2016 season  from Kristin Ropp, VP and GM for the Cyclones and US Bank Arena.

Part 3: Belinda speaks with Rachelle Caplan, the head organizer of LadyFest Cincinnati and talks about the schedule of events. Belinda also wrote an article about LadyFest for this week's CityBeat.

Provided / Game Day PR

A large mixed-use development opening next month in Butler County is likely to bring customers from all over the region. The $350 million Liberty Center is located at the 1-75 and State Route 129 interchange.

Belinda Cai

If you combine beer, games and nostalgia, you’re going to draw in a large crowd. That’s exactly what 16-Bit Bar + Arcade does. The opening night in early June drew in a shoulder-to-shoulder crowd.