Anna Hehman

Anna Hehman is the Director of Development for the Cincinnati Observatory. Her official duties include ensuring the financial security of the Observatory and securing support for its outreach programs as well as exploring relationships with potential funders. Anna also has a Marketing background and manages the Observatory's social media, where she resists the urge to post adorable animal videos on the O's social media accounts with almost 100% success.

She is also the Observatory's self-appointed Social Director, encouraging her co-workers to talk about their weekends and trying to plan staff outings to talk about Game of Thrones and other pop culture topics. Although not an astronomer, Anna also explores her natural curiosity by asking a lot of questions about the cosmos, which ended up landing her a podcast so that worked out. Her most important astronomical theories include that Pluto should definitely be a planet and that the constellations don't actually look like anything.

Anna resides in Bellevue, Kentucky with her very patient husband Mike and furry bestie Amos, a Pekingese mix.

Ways to Connect

The upcoming total solar eclipse has astronomers and non-astronomers alike excited as the path of totality will bisect the US from Oregon to South Carolina. 

In this first episode of Looking Up: hosts Dean Regas and Anna Hehman welcome listeners to the podcast, discuss exoplanets, have a conversation with astronomer Kevin Wagner who recently discovered an exoplanet, and answer a kid question.