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TO: America's colleges and universities

FR: America's high school students

RE: Please make the college admissions process less daunting and more collaborative, creative, engaging and in tune with the Digital Age. Oh, and while you're at it, try to level the admissions playing field between rich and poor.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush's energy levels have been an ongoing topic of conversation during the presidential campaign — probably much more than Bush would prefer.

Rival Donald Trump has repeatedly needled Bush for bringing a "low energy" to the campaign trail, even posting a fake advertisement on Instragram offering Bush as a sleeping aide.

Tesla unveiled its much-anticipated Model X on Tuesday night after nearly two years of delays.

CEO Elon Musk took the wraps off the all-electric SUV at an event near the Tesla factory in Fremont, Calif. As an added bonus, he gave keys to a handful of lucky customers who can now call themselves owners of one of the most sought-after vehicles.

Let's go over some of the vitals.

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During his speech to the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said he was no longer bound by the Oslo Accords.

In recent days, we've seen these headlines:

  • Caterpillar is planning to cut up to 10,000 jobs.
  • After standing for 127 years as an industrial giant, Alcoa will be splitting into two smaller companies.
  • Glencore, a global mining giant, is seeing its stock price crumble amid insolvency rumors.

The three events may seem unrelated, but in fact, all are part of one big story: the commodities-price collapse.

What lengths would a mother go to help her child? That's the central premise of the Pakistani film "Dukhtar," which means daughter in Urdu.

The film was inspired by a news story of a woman in the tribal region of Pakistan who kidnapped her two young daughters to save them from becoming child brides, says writer and director Afia Nathaniel.

If all goes as planned, the House will know who its next speaker will be by the end of next week. Elections for the next House leadership will be held on Thursday, Oct. 8 — a date outgoing Speaker John Boehner said he came to after consulting the Republican conference.

Boehner's office released this statement from the speaker:

At What Point Does A Fundraising Ad Go Too Far?

18 hours ago

Is "poverty porn" making a comeback?

That's the term that some people used back in the 1980s to describe attention-grabbing fundraising ads like the one below:

Back then, the media was filled with images of starving African children in desperate need of food, seemingly all alone in the world. And folks in the West were invited to save them from their misery.

This kind of appeal worked. The ad above, from the UK charity Disasters Emergency Committee for their East African Emergency campaign, brought in $23 million between 1980 to 1984 for famine relief in Ethiopia.