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Throughout the Civil War, on the bloody battlefields and in the hospitals overflowing with the wounded, many a mortally wounded young soldier left this life looking into the kindly face of a nun from Cincinnati.

“Lord have mercy on his soul,’’ were the last words he heard, and a promise from the woman dressed in black that she would tell his mother that he died bravely.

She was Sister Anthony O’Connell, known throughout the Union Army as “the Angel of the Battlefield.”

In Bolivia, the main attraction for thrill-seeking tourists is biking down what’s known as “Death Road.” It’s a winding, 11,000-foot descent from snow-capped peaks to the rainforest. But some of the cyclists pay the ultimate price.

Before leading a dozen bikers down its 40 treacherous miles, Mark Symon, a guide from Australia, tries to put them at ease. “Is anyone nervous?” he says. “This is really easy, I’ve taken a 75-year-old grandmother down the road and she nailed it.”

How Tony Gemignani shocked the pizza world

Feb 25, 2015
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If you want to be the best, you’ve got to measure yourself against the best.

That’s why American pizza chef Tony Gemignani likes to compete. Otherwise, who’s going to tell you if your food’s up to scratch — or if you’re still getting better?

Gemignani’s category of choice is the authentic Neapolitan margherita pizza.

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The Doctor of Doctor Who is famous for his time-travelling abilities. But this month, David Tennant, the actor famous for playing the 10th version of the Doctor, has been attracting attention for a different kind of time distortion.

For the first time, Tennant took part in an episode of the long-running BBC radio show "Just A Minute." Much to the surprise of the audience and the other contestants, he managed something no newcomer has ever done in the program's four decades on the air: Tennant spoke for a whole minute, the show's equivalent of a home run.

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The FBI's most wanted list contains many sub-lists as well — for violent crimes, for example, crimes against children and cyber crimes.

And the most wanted guy among cyber-criminals is a Russian named Evgeniy Bogachev. And the FBI has put a $3 million bounty on his head.

"He's one of the most sophisticated cyber criminals in the world," says reporter Brian Bennett for the Los Angeles Times. "The FBI has been chasing this guy for at least eight years."

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Hamilton County Commissioners officially voted Wednesday to 'close the book' on the idea of using the former Mercy Mt. Airy hospital for a new crime lab.

Coroner Lakshmi Sammarco says she's not satisfied.

"We're very disappointed that the appropriate people weren't brought together to make just the retrofit happen for the crime lab and the morgue in such a way that the current hospital spaces could have been used without costing the tax payers a whole lot of money," Sammarco says.


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Coffins are just crazy expensive. Consider that most Americans spend an average of $2,500 per casket.

For some families, those costs can be so overwhelming they opt for cremation over burial, simply for financial reasons.

As of today, 90 percent of burials in the US are in coffins made in America. But now, some consumers and entrepreneurs in the funeral supply chain are looking for less pricey casket options from China.

And here's why: A 20-gauge steel coffin made in America costs roughly $2,000, whereas a similar unit from China may cost as little as $350.