Jim Young/Reuters 

Parts of Ferguson, Missouri, looked like a war zone on Monday — perhaps not too different from Jerusalem with its recent clashes. 

At least that's how it looked to Daniel Estrin, who frequently reports from Jerusalem and the West Bank for The World. He's currently at home in St. Louis, just 20 minutes away from Ferguson. 

Karen Ng

During an address on his new immigration measures on Friday, President Barack Obama took pains to note that "not everyone who comes here is Latino" — and with good reason. Today most of America's newcomers are arriving from Asia, not Mexico or other Latin American countries.

In California alone, there are more than 400,000 Asian immigrants living here without authorization. Many are from the Philippines, a group people don't typically think of when they hear about undocumented immigrants.

Jay Hanselman

Cradle Cincinnati is announcing a couple new partnerships in an effort to prevent sleep-related infant deaths.  It is called the “Cribs for Kids” program.  

One of those involves the United Way's 211 line.  It connects people with community resources.  

Hamilton County Commissioner and Cradle Cincinnati co-chairman Todd Portune said it will help get baby cribs to parents who need them.

Ammar Al-Bushy/Reuters

A civil war completely resets the lives of people who manage to survive. Towns look different; families are torn apart. People often struggle with who they are, and how to go on.

In the case of the Syrian civil war, some of the Syrian rebels are already facing that struggle, as Raja Abdulrahim reported recently for the Los Angeles Times. In the early days of the war, some rebels decided to go by aliases, out of fear for their own safety and the safety of their loved ones.

Tana Weingartner / WVXU

Hamilton County sewer rates could go up 5.5 percent next year. That's the recommendation from county administrators.

Rates have been increasing for several years and are expected to keep doing so to pay for the multi-billion dollar, federally mandated sewer system upgrade. Last year, commissioners approved a six percent increase.

Peter Arceci

When Van Pol was just a child in Cambodia, he did plenty of hiking.

“We were hiking over mountain ranges to get away from all the war," Pol says. "We were running over mountain ranges while we were being shot at. Landmines were everywhere. We were hiking for our lives, pretty much."

Women in India agitate for their right to pee

Nov 25, 2014
Chhavi Sachdev

When you spot images of gods or deities on store shutters or the walls of people’s houses in India, it’s usually not because the owners are pious. The pictures are probably there to dissuade men from peeing.

But, apparently, many men don't mind peeing in front of the divine. You’ll see the backs of men lining roads, walls or shrubs at any time of day. There’s no shame — when a man's gotta go, a man's gotta go.

Courtesy of Marilena Delli

Most of the time, you can find Alfred Gavanala on the side of the road selling strange fare to passersby: roasted mice on a stick.

It’s one of a few options he has to make money in his village in Malawi, usually bringing in the equivalent of 50 cents to a dollar a day. But on one day in 2011, thanks to a guitar fashioned out of scrap metal, that all changed.

Bill Rinehart / WVXU

A Cincinnati tech start-up supported by Cintrifuse has received a large investment from a pair of venture capitalist firms. 

"Everything But The House" is an online estate auction and consignment company, which now has the backing by firms that also supported Twitter and tumblr.  

Tim Schigel with Cintrifuse says the investment shows Cincinnati is becoming a good place for start-ups. 

Thanksgiving Specials

Nov 25, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at WVXU and WMUB!

Whether you need help in the kitchen, or just a way to escape from football (or family) - we have some special Thanksgiving holiday specials available for you.