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When I first met Liron Shalish, it was a month before Israel's elections. Inspired by a young politician named Stav Shaffir, a new, outspoken darling of Israel's center-left, she joined the campaign. Out on the campaign trail, she bursted with energy and hope.

“She’s gonna be great, “ Shalish gushed about Shaffir as she gave campaign activists a ride home at the end of the day. “She’s 29 and she has already done all of this, so obviously there is more to be expected of her."

The full Cincinnati Council will likely vote Wednesday to let a residential parking permit program move forward in parts of Over-the-Rhine.  The Neighborhoods Committee approved the proposal Monday.

Transportation and Engineering Director Michael Moore described how it will be implemented.

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In opening statements at former state legislator Peter Beck's criminal trial Monday prosecutors said he lied to investors in a technology company to bilk them out of millions of dollars.

But the defense says Beck is taking the blame for the misdeeds of others.

Beck faces more than 60 felony counts of fraud, theft, and money laundering for an alleged scheme involved the now-defunct Christopher Technologies or C-Tech.

The former CEO of C-Tech, John Fussner, has taken a plea deal and will testify against Beck.

A veteran of Iwo Jima ponders if the fight was worth it

Mar 23, 2015
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Perhaps one of the most iconic images of any war is the photo of the raising of the US flag on the Japanese island of Iwo Jima.

Seventy years have passed since that brutal battle of World War II. On March 21, dozens of elderly US veterans traveled back to the island. Men like former US Army Air Corps Capt. Jerry Yellin.

“I flew P-51s off of Iwo Jima, starting on March 7, 1945, when the Marines took enough land round the first dirt airstrip."

Provided / Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency

The TriState started using smog alerts in 1995 to warn people about high pollution days.  But, those smog alerts are no more.  As of April 1, the Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency will issue air quality advisories. Spokesperson Megan Hummel says times have changed. 

“The dark plume, and the smoke coming out of the smokestacks, you don’t really see that anymore.  And the reason for that is because all the restrictions on industry.  Industry is running much cleaner than they ever have before,” she says. 

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A new multi-purpose community center in Lower Price Hill makes its debut this fall, but on Tuesday you can get a sneak peek of The Sanctuary.

Jen Walters is president and CEO of Community Matters and Education Matters. She says the $8.6 million  renovation of St. Michael the Archangel Church will include a thrift store, a market-style food pantry, event, meeting, office and classroom spaces, and housing for AmeriCorps volunteers working in the neighborhood.

Ann Thompson

Heroin apparently drove a Pleasant Plain, Ohio woman to traffic her 11-year-old daughter to her alleged drug dealer inside a Colerain Avenue apartment.

We’ve all been there before.

You move into a new apartment. The walls are bare. You’re too old to put sports posters on the wall, or that light-up beer sign you won at pub trivia. But you’re also too poor to buy real art. So you head to Ikea, where fine art costs less then a lobster roll sold out of a truck.

You take that art back to your place and put it on the wall. It looks good. People compliment it. They ask where you got it. You lie. You can’t let the secret out. After all, it’s not really art. It’s Ikea art.

City of Cincinnati

With spring approaching, yard work isn’t far behind.  And with yard work, there's yard waste like branches, clippings and brush.

The Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste District’s free yard trimmings drop-off sites re-open Saturday, March 28.

News Quiz for March 23, 2015

Mar 23, 2015