Here are three words to strike fear into your heart: Human. Powered. Helicopter.

And by “powered,” I don’t mean a foot on the gas pedal. I mean if you stop pedaling, it falls. The only "power" in this helicopter is the Power Bar you eat before you climb inside. And you better eat a lot of them. 

“It is extremely difficult because the faster you go, the more power it takes,” says Cameron Robertson, co-founder of AeroVelo, a company in Canada dedicated to human-powered engineering.

Leonard Nimoy, 'Star Trek''s Spock, dies at 83

Feb 27, 2015
Fred Prouser/Reuters

Leonard Nimoy, the man who made "live long and prosper" famous across the world, is dead at the age of 83. His family confirmed his death to multiple media outlets on Friday morning.

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The discovery of a rare Native American artifact in Newtown is exciting for archeologists, but it's also raising more questions. WVXU reporter Bill Rinehart joins us to provide details of the find.

Mansur Mirovalev

There's new drug showing up on the streets in Moscow that's as dangerous as it is cheap.

It's called spice, mix, or killer spice. It can be smoked like a cigarette, snorted or injected to produce an intense high — but it also can cause panic attacks, hallucinations, spasms, cardiovascular problems and lung disease, according to health experts.

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From America Abroad: Child marriage is a practice that’s still common in many parts of the world, where girls are married off at puberty or sometimes even younger. In this edition of America Abroad we’ll hear from girls who’ve escaped child marriage, and we’ll learn what is being done by governments, religious leaders, and NGOs to end this abusive practice.

'She fought the best way she knew how'

Feb 27, 2015
Anja Niedringhaus/AP

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Legendary Associated Press photographer Anja Niedringhaus was slain in April 2014 while reporting in Afghanistan.)

In his book, “The Business Romantic: Give Everything, Quantify Nothing, and Create Something Greater Than Yourself,”  author Tim Leberecht argues that we underestimate the importance of romance in our lives, and that we can find it in and through business by designing products, services, and experiences that connect us with something greater than ourselves. 

Forty-one communities in Kentucky, including Lexington, Louisville, and Kenton County, have smoke-free policies covering workplaces and enclosed public places, but efforts to establish a statewide smoking ban have failed for years. 

The United States Constitution was never ratified; the United States was never formed. Instead, North America is occupied by five separate Sovereign Nation-States that have evolved across a century of violence from the original thirteen colonies.

A second conversation with author Christopher Scotton about his book, The Secret Wisdom of the Earth -  a tale of an adult looking back on the summer when he came of age in an ambitious effort to reclaim a once great community deep in Appalachian Kentucky, deeply affected by mountaintop removal.