Building peace and security one LEGO brick at a time

Mar 31, 2015

Since its completion in 1952, the flat, rectangular, modernist masterpiece on the East River, that is, the United Nations Headquarters has been the site of much geopolitical intrigue as well as a backdrop for films like North by Northwest.

  Miguel “"Mike"” Benito Fernandez has made two long journeys in his life. The first came when he and his family were exiled from Cuba in 1964 with no warning and no money. They soon made New York City their home and faced a new path of challenges, opportunities and lessons. His second journey came in 2013 when Fernandez made the 508-mile pilgrimage along El Camino de Santiago from France through Spain to raise money for the Miami Children’'s Hospital. He tells his story in a new book, “Humbled by the Journey: Life Lessons for My Family and Yours.” Today, Fernandez is a successful businessman and philanthropist who believes in the power of giving back to others. He talks with us about his life’'s journeys.

UC Economics Center

A study by UC's Economics Center is forecasting higher revenues for the City of Cincinnati. However, it also expects expenditures will increase as well, and at a faster rate.

The report expects revenues will climb to $400.2 million by the year 2020. Expenditures are predicted to reach $429.3 million that same year.

  Thanks to high-definition cameras, monitors and advances in communications technology, and driven by a growing shortage of physicians, telehealth is quickly growing in use and popularity. It allows a patient to consult with a healthcare provider remotely instead of traveling to an office or clinic, and the costs involved are usually much less than a traditional office visit. Joining us to look at how telehealth is helping to change the practice of medicine are Dr. Debi Sampsel, chief officer of innovation and entrepreneurship at the University of Cincinnati College of Nursing; Pam Kimmel, director of telehealth for UC Health; and, Megan Gresham, director of corporate communications with Maple Knoll Village.

Jon Stewart is out at "The Daily Show." That's old news. But on Monday, America finally learned the name of the man who will replace Stewart: Trevor Noah.

It's huge news for South Africa as well: The 31-year-old Noah is a Johannesburg native whose mother is South African. (His dad is Swiss.)

He won the job after doing just three appearances as a contributor on the show, and it's a big step up into the host's chair. But Noah has dealt with much harder things, like growing up as a mixed-race child during apartheid.

Iran nuclear talks go down to the wire, but no one knows what deal may emerge

Mar 30, 2015
Brendan Smialowski/Reuters

It’s down to the wire in Lausanne, Switzerland, where the US and its international partners are negotiating with Iran over its nuclear program. They face a Tuesday deadline to reach an agreement, but sticking points still remain.

“The core of this agreement is to try to limit Iran’s ability to enrich uranium, and to monitor its nuclear program very closely so that it wouldn’t be able to 'break out' and produce enough fuel for a bomb in less than a year," says BBC correspondent Barbara Plett, who's covering the negotiations. 

Nabeel Quaiti/Reuters

Twenty-year-old Summer Nasser is a born and bred New Yorker, but her strong family ties bring her to Yemen several times a year. On her latest trip, in February, she arrived just as the US was pulling out its diplomats and military personnel in face of rising violence in the country.

Nasser's ancestral home is on the brink of civil war. Yemen's powerful neighbor to the north, Saudi Arabia, is conducting airstrikes against a group called the Houthis, rebels who took over Yemen's capital last year and forced its president to flee the country earlier this month

St. Joseph's County, Indiana, Police Dept. 

Following her conviction last month, an Indiana judge has sentenced 33-year-old Purvi Patel to what effectively amounts to 20 years (of a possible 70) in prison for feticide and neglect of a dependent.

Bill Rinehart / WVXU

Two hundred firefighters from Columbus and other local departments will be working in Cincinnati on Wednesday so that local firefighters can attend the funeral of Daryl Gordon, who died in the line of duty last Thursday. 

Doug Stern with the Ohio Association of Professional Firefighters, and a Cincinnati firefighter, says it's a fire service tradition.

Bradley Secker

Turkey may be a democracy, but it’s a democratic system that mostly leaves women out of the picture. Of the 1,395 mayors elected a year ago across Turkey, a grand total of 37 were women. 

Enter the female co-­mayors.

In the mostly Kurdish areas under its purview, the minority Peace and Democracy party has appointed 46 women to act as co-­mayors with their elected male counterparts. One of them is 34-­year-­old Berivan Elif Kilic, chosen as co­mayor of Kocakoy, a sleepy village of 17,000 people located on the climb up to the mountains in southeastern Turkey.