Reds Opening Day
1:00 am
Mon March 31, 2014

Linking you to Opening Day: traffic and parking tips

If you're heading to the ballpark today, plan ahead and give yourself enough time.
Mark Heyne WVXU News

With tens of thousands of baseball fans making their way to Great American Ball Park today here are some good links to know:

Where to go

Where to park


Plan ahead for traffic

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Local News
12:00 am
Mon March 31, 2014

At long last, Opening Day is here!

Opening Day at Great American Ball Park, 2013
Tana Weingartner WVXU

At long last, it is here.

Opening Day.

The two most magical words in the Cincinnati lexicon. The two words that can make people smile from ear to ear, from the littlest children in their Joey Votto jerseys to the crustiest old baseball fans, clutching their scorecards and wearing their once bright-red caps faded by countless summers in the sun.

If you love baseball, if you love the Cincinnati Reds, you have marked off the days on the calendar since the last game of last season, waiting for this day.

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Local News
12:00 am
Sun March 30, 2014

A GOP convention here might end up nominating a neighbor for president

Alright, let’s assume for the moment that Cincinnati does land the 2016 Republican presidential nominating convention.

What would the chances be that the eventual nominee of the GOP turns out to be from Ohio, the host state, or right across the river in Kentucky?

It’s a long shot, but by no means outside the realm of possibility.

Despite having an Electoral College map that works decidedly against them, the Republicans seemingly have more potential 2016 presidential contenders than Heinz has varieties.

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Who Concert
12:30 pm
Fri March 28, 2014

Memorial to remember Who concert victims

The scene outside the Cincinnati Coliseum where 11 people died

A group of Who Concert survivors and families of the eleven people killed announced plans Friday to build a memorial near where the Cincinnati tragedy happened, December 3rd, 1979.

The victims were trampled to death when the crowd, holding general admission tickets--which means their seats weren't reserved-- surged forward when they heard the band start warming up and only a few doors into the Coliseum were open. Cincinnati banned so-called "festival seating" shortly afterward.

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Cincinnati government
12:08 pm
Thu March 27, 2014

Cranley on manager search, pension and DOJ forum

Jay Hanselman

Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley has now selected a firm to lead the search for the next city manager.  He said during his weekly press briefing Thursday he met with about seven companies before hiring California-based Ralph Anderson and Associates.  

He said a representative of the search firm will be in town next week to meet with city council members.  

“And help build out a profile for the search,” Cranley said.  “He intends to be out there pounding the pavement looking for candidates at the end of next week or the week after.”

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