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A new section of the Mill Creek Trail through South Cumminsville is now open.  It connects the east side of the Mill Creek Bridge to Beekman Avenue.

According to the city of Cincinnati, phase four of the project involved retrofitting the Mill Creek Bridge for pedestrians and cyclists. The path is now seven feet wide and separated from traffic with plastic poles.

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On May 1, 1877, construction began on Cincinnati’s Music Hall.  Now, 138 years later, the effort to renovate and restore the landmark received a large gift.

Edyth Lindner and the American Financial Group have pledged $10 million toward the estimated $125 million price tag.

The donation from Lindner and American Financial puts the fundraising effort within $10 million of the goal, according to Steve Leeper, president of 3CDC, a partner in the project.

Miami University

Miami University President David Hodge is retiring. In a note to students, faculty and staff Friday  he writes:

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Recovering addict Mark Hudson looks back on the day when alcohol controlled his life. "I was merely existing. For the previous four years I was just getting up everyday going to work, coming home, no routine. I wasn't giving back. I was just taking."

The history of black jockeys in the Kentucky Derby

May 1, 2015
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In the early days of the Kentucky Derby, African American jockeys were a significant presence in horseracing. But as times changed, so did their participation in the sport.

As Laura Ellis and Ja’Nel Johnson of Kentucky Public Radio member station WFPL report, many think it’s unlikely that black jockeys will ever return to prominence in the sport they pioneered.