Gifts of Stock

Gain a triple advantage by donating stock to WVXU.

So much has changed in the years since public radio first began. In many ways, public radio has grown up. What was once a struggling-almost experimental-operation has become a permanent and positive presence in the lives of so many in out community and across the nation. We continue to seek and depend on the regular membership contributions from friends, especially new generations of listeners. But in the long run our future will depend, more and more, on special gifts from long-time friends who want to help public radio become stronger and more stable in the future.

If you own stock that has appreciated in value, and you have held it for a year or more, and you itemize your tax deductions, then you can gain triple benefits by donating that stock:

Tax Advantages:

  • The FULL fair value market value of the shares may be deducted
  • No tax is paid on the long-term capital gain of the stock
  • WVXU immediately sells the stock

Consult your tax advisor or attorney for details.

 General Information:
                Legal Name: Cincinnati Public Radio, Inc. (dba WGUC; WVXU; WMUB)
                Tax I.D. Number: # 31-1410636
                Incorporated In: Cincinnati, OH
                Mailing Address:  1223 Central Parkway, Cincinnati, Ohio 45214

Please Note:
Please inform us when a transfer is pending so that we can notify our representatives and acknowledge receipt of the gift in a timely manner. Thank you.

WVXU Contact:
Conrad Thiede, Director of Major & Planned Gifts, 513.419.7116,