Walnut Hills http://wvxu.org en Drowning prompts change in Cincinnati pool policy http://wvxu.org/post/drowning-prompts-change-cincinnati-pool-policy <p>The Cincinnati Recreation Commission is making changes to its city pool policy following the drowning of a 10-year-old Walnut Hills boy at Bush Pool this month, and recommendations by City Council.</p><p><strong>Effective immediately, children ages 7 to 11 have to be supervised by an adult.</strong> Particulars spelled out in a memo say this:</p> Mon, 30 Jun 2014 18:04:45 +0000 Ann Thompson 28646 at http://wvxu.org Drowning prompts change in Cincinnati pool policy City announces neighborhoods for this year's enhancement program http://wvxu.org/post/city-announces-neighborhoods-years-enhancement-program <p>Cincinnati officials have announced that East Price Hill and Walnut Hills have been selected for this year’s Neighborhood Enhancement Program. &nbsp;<br /><br />The two areas were selected based on a number of factors.&nbsp; Those include: building code violations, vacant buildings, disorder and drug calls for police service and drug arrests, as well as graffiti, junk cars, litter and weeds.<br /> Thu, 30 Jan 2014 15:30:06 +0000 Jay Hanselman 22488 at http://wvxu.org 10th Anniversary at Manifest Gallery http://wvxu.org/post/10th-anniversary-manifest-gallery <p><strong>Jason Franz</strong>, artist, curator, director and founder of Walnut Hill’s <a href="http://www.manifestgallery.org/"><strong>Manifest Gallery</strong></a>, joins our Jane Durrell for a preview of their upcoming 10<sup>th</sup> anniversary season and to talk about the gallery’s mission and recently expanded exhibit space.</p><p> Fri, 22 Nov 2013 05:00:10 +0000 Jane Durrell 19818 at http://wvxu.org 10th Anniversary at Manifest Gallery Artist Annie Bolling and the resurgence of Woodburn Ave. http://wvxu.org/post/artist-annie-bolling-and-resurgence-woodburn-ave <p>The arts scene on <strong>Woodburn Ave. in Walnut Hills</strong> continues to grow, and new boutiques and galleries are opening regularly. The next Walk on Woodburn is scheduled for July 12, and local artist <a href="https://www.facebook.com/annie.bolling.5"><strong>Annie Bolling</strong> </a>has started <strong>The Gallery Project</strong> to introduce young people to a wide variety of art forms. Jane Durrell welcomes in <strong>Annie Bolling</strong> to talk about her project and the resurgence of Woodburn Ave.</p><p> Fri, 28 Jun 2013 05:32:20 +0000 Jane Durrell 14195 at http://wvxu.org Artist Annie Bolling and the resurgence of Woodburn Ave. Aritist-in-Residence Tyler Wilkinson http://wvxu.org/post/aritist-residence-tyler-wilkinson <p>For the first time in its existence, Cincinnati’s <a href="http://www.manifestgallery.org/index.html"><strong>Manifest Gallery</strong></a> has engaged an artist-in residence. Painter <a href="http://www.tylerwilkinsonart.com/"><strong>Tyler Wilkinson</strong></a> has been working with the gallery for some time, so he joins our Jane Durrell in the studio to discuss the experience so far, the type of work he’s been doing, and what he hopes to accomplish before his residency is completed.</p><p></p><p> Fri, 15 Mar 2013 05:32:15 +0000 Jane Durrell 10235 at http://wvxu.org Aritist-in-Residence Tyler Wilkinson