division series http://wvxu.org en Shed no tears, Reds fans - They'll be back http://wvxu.org/post/shed-no-tears-reds-fans-theyll-be-back <P>No crying in baseball.</P> <P><BR>Not even now, when the disappointment in Reds Country is deep and profound; when the high hopes have blown away with the autumn leaves; when the over-sized World Series tickets thousands of Reds fan have stashed away at home are nothing but bittersweet souvenirs of a season that ended too soon.</P> <P><BR>Yes, I’m disappointed as the rest of you are.</P> <P><BR>But I’m what they call a “veteran Reds fan;’’ I go back to the days of Crosley Field, where I saw my first major league baseball game in 1959, Reds and the Giants, with my grandma and grandpa. Thu, 11 Oct 2012 21:02:02 +0000 Howard Wilkinson 4932 at http://wvxu.org Shed no tears, Reds fans - They'll be back