Chris Comer Trio en Chris Comer Trio concerts <p>Email from Chris Comer 2/2/14:</p><p><em>If you are missing the hip jazz nights at Chez Nora we used to play, there's this cozy hip spot in Northside on Hamilton Ave. called&nbsp;<strong>The LISTING LOON.</strong>&nbsp;It's&nbsp;in a space that used to be a tango dance studio&nbsp;next to the bike shop SPUN BICYCLES. The address is 4124 Hamilton Ave. They have a nice piano at The Listing Loon as well as all kinds of unique beers and a full bar. I'm playing piano there this Wednesday at 8pm with Bryan Berwanger on bass &amp; Brendan Blumer on drums. </em></p> Mon, 03 Feb 2014 14:26:58 +0000 Lee Hay 22627 at