Fred Craig en The economy sinks Tall Stacks for 2013 <P align=left>A number of people close to Tall Stacks have indicated the music, arts and heritage festival has been cancelled. It had been scheduled for October of 2013.</P> <P align=left>Sources&nbsp;tell WVXU&nbsp;&nbsp;the World Choir Games took much of the city's available funding, and the stagnant economy has made it difficult to get corporate sponsors. Tall Stacks Chairman Fred Craig is out of the country and could not be reached for comment.</P> <P align=left>Tall Stacks began in 1988 and featured as many as 19 riverboats. It continued every few years through 2006. Wed, 22 Aug 2012 22:30:44 +0000 Ann Thompson 2928 at The economy sinks Tall Stacks for 2013