Cincinnati Public School District en Further review: data-scrubbing case continues <p>The Ohio Department of Education is taking additional steps in the data-scrubbing case involving Cincinnati Public Schools and six other districts around Ohio.&nbsp; The department announced Monday it will re-run Ohio Report Card information on the seven districts, which also include Winton Woods, and is referring the matter to its Office of Professional Conduct.</p> Mon, 13 Jan 2014 23:16:53 +0000 Mark Heyne 21807 at CPS budget amount set, now comes balancing act <p>Faced with an estimated $14.8 million dollar budget gap,&nbsp; the Cincinnati school district is asking the public for ideas on reducing costs and raising revenue.&nbsp; Superintendent Mary Ronan says the general fund budget for next school year totals $474 million.&nbsp; Now the challenge is to balance the spending plan by the end of next month as required by law.&nbsp;</p><p>Ronan says the shortfall is because of state funding.</p><p>"We believe we are now back up to what we were getting in 2007," she said.&nbsp; "The last several years we saw significant cuts from the state."</p> Thu, 30 May 2013 01:42:47 +0000 Mark Heyne 13171 at CPS budget amount set, now comes balancing act CPS makes changes to avoid "scrubbing" data <P><STRONG>&nbsp;</STRONG></P> <P><STRONG>&nbsp;</STRONG></P> <P><STRONG>&nbsp;&nbsp;</STRONG></P> <P><STRONG>New policy</STRONG></P> <P>In order to comply with state rules, Cincinnati Public Schools says it has changed the way it reports&nbsp;when a student transfers from one school in the district to another.&nbsp;Instead of&nbsp; withdrawing the student from one school and waiting for&nbsp;him or her&nbsp;to enroll&nbsp;at another, the district will now enroll&nbsp;the student&nbsp;immediately in the new school and the new school will have the&nbsp;responsibility to make sure the studen Mon, 13 May 2013 10:00:00 +0000 Ann Thompson 12220 at CPS makes changes to avoid "scrubbing" data Carpe Diem charter school at Aiken High next fall <p>When the brand new <a href=""><strong>Aiken High School</strong></a> opens this fall, students will be introduced to personalized learning. Part of the plan is a <a href=""><strong>Carpe Diem</strong></a> charter school inside Aiken<strong>, </strong>the first one<strong> <a href="">Cincinnati Public Schools</a> </strong>has sponsored. There's a similar program in Indianapolis, and Ann Thompson went there to take a look and provide this report.</p><p> Fri, 26 Apr 2013 05:31:05 +0000 Ann Thompson 11781 at Carpe Diem charter school at Aiken High next fall Effort underway to increase access to preschool education <p>Business and Community leaders are coming together to launch a city-wide initiative to get more - if not all- kids in pre-school.</p><p>Studies show children who attend pre-school do better in school and in life. Advocates point out nearly 90 percent of a child's brain is developed before age five but kids typically enter kindergarten at age six.</p><p>The <a href="" target="_blank">Cincinnati Preschool Promise</a> aims to be a public/private partnership.</p> Tue, 23 Apr 2013 15:39:53 +0000 Tana Weingartner 11723 at Effort underway to increase access to preschool education