cinema en Review: Seven Psychopaths <p>Sometimes filmmakers seem to have the most fun when they turn the camera on their craft and themselves. Among titles that come to mind are <em>Singin' in the Rain</em> and <em>Sunset Boulevard</em>.&nbsp; Written and directed by Martin McDonagh, <em>Seven Psychopaths</em> falls in line with that theory. The talented writer-director of the quirky <em>In Bruges</em> from a few years back seems to be using <em>Seven Psychopaths</em> as a cathartic experience to work through a bout of writer’s block.</p> Fri, 26 Oct 2012 05:31:05 +0000 Larry Thomas 5396 at Review: Seven Psychopaths Review: Arbitrage <p>More often than not, movies these days are not created, they’re cobbled together like a casserole recipe using parts from other sources. In this instance, take Oliver Stone’s <em>Wall Street</em>, add an episode of <em>Law&nbsp; &amp; Order</em>… any episode, doesn’t matter from which of the series…drop in a pinch of Bernie Madoff, and blend in a whiff of <em>Pretty Woman</em>, and you have <strong><em>Arbitrage</em></strong>. This new thriller is set against the perilous world of hedge funds and high finance, and is nothing if not topical.</p> Fri, 14 Sep 2012 05:31:25 +0000 Larry Thomas 3878 at Review: Arbitrage Cincinnati Film Festival Returns <p>Time again for the <a href="">Cincinnati Film Festival</a>! Mark Perzel welcomes<strong> Latria Roberts</strong>, director of outreach, and <strong>Kat Steele</strong>, executive director, to discuss the <strong>3rd Annual Cincinnati Film Festival</strong> running September 6-14 at locations around town. Screenings will include the world premiere of the James Franco/Winona Ryder film The Letter and a Cincy showcase.</p> Fri, 31 Aug 2012 04:46:10 +0000 Mark Perzel 3305 at Cincinnati Film Festival Returns Review: Killer Joe <p>Theoretically speaking, what might you get if you put the collected works of Tennessee Williams, John Waters and Quentin Tarantino in a blender and then ran it through a projector? I’m guessing you would get a film on the order of <strong><em>Killer Joe</em></strong>, the latest film from Oscar-winning director William Friedkin, who gave us <em>The French Connection</em>, <em>The Exorcist</em>, and one of my favorites, <em>The Night They Raided Minsky's</em>. Fri, 24 Aug 2012 05:50:55 +0000 Larry Thomas 2882 at Review: Killer Joe