Cincinnati Railroad Club en Cincinnati Railroad Club based at Union Terminal <p>Here’s a great adventure for train lovers of all ages…a visit to <a href=""><strong>Tower A</strong></a>, overlooking all the train tracks that come in and out of <a href=""><strong>Union Terminal</strong></a>, home of the <a href=""><strong>Cincinnati Museum Center</strong></a>. The men and women of the <a href=""><strong>Cincinnati Railroad Club</strong></a> are always in Tower A during the museum hours to talk trains with every visitor. <strong>John Rockwell</strong> and <strong>Jack Haap </strong>from the club join Mark Perzel to talk about their love of trains and some of the amazing history of rail transportation here in Cincinnati.</p><p> Fri, 24 May 2013 05:31:20 +0000 Mark Perzel 12917 at Cincinnati Railroad Club based at Union Terminal