physical fitness en 2013 Flying Pig Kids' Incremental Marathon <p>The <a href=""><strong>2013 Flying Pig Marathon</strong></a> is now just a few months away, but this is the time to start getting ready, especially the kids who want to be part of the incremental <a href=""><strong>Kids' Marathon</strong></a>. This program encourages children to learn a healthy lifestyle including eating right and exercising. <strong>Robin Penderey</strong>, the Kids’ Marathon program organizer for the Flying Pig, has details about how schools and other youth groups can get involved with this program when she’s in <strong>The Front Row with Betsy Ross</strong>.</p><p> Fri, 11 Jan 2013 05:30:10 +0000 Betsy Ross 7868 at 2013 Flying Pig Kids' Incremental Marathon