artists en A look at the exhibits and programs of Cincinnati's Visionaries + Voices <p><strong><a href="">Visionaries + Voices</a></strong> is one of this area’s unique arts organizations, dedicated to showcasing and developing works from artists with a variety of disabilities. New programs are also allowing the artists to teach their talents to children and adults. <strong>Krista Gregory</strong>, exhibitions director, and <strong>Samantha Charek</strong>, educational outreach director, join Jane Durrell to talk about the wide-range of programs and events organized by <strong>V+V</strong>.</p><p> Fri, 10 Jan 2014 05:00:20 +0000 Jane Durrell 21604 at A look at the exhibits and programs of Cincinnati's Visionaries + Voices Local artists Kelly and Kyle Phelps <p>From their blue collar upbringing in New Castle, Indiana to their sculptural art work to their academic careers, <a href=";grp_id=20"><strong>Kelly Phelps</strong></a> (associate professor and acting chair of the department of Art at <strong>Xavier University</strong>), and his identical twin, <a href=""><strong>Kyle Phelps</strong></a> (associate professor of Art at the <strong>University of Dayton</strong>), are featured in the June/July 2013 edition of internationally respected <a href=""><strong>American Craft</strong></a> magazine and they are with our Jane Durrell to talk about their lives and their work.</p><p> Fri, 02 Aug 2013 05:30:10 +0000 Jane Durrell 15307 at Local artists Kelly and Kyle Phelps "Confluence" - Individual Works by Artistic Couples <p>The <strong>College of Mt. St. Joseph’s <a href="">Studio San Giuseppe Gallery</a></strong><a href=""> </a>will host an exhibition featuring works by local couples who are each individual artists. Two of the artists who helped create <strong>“Confluence,”</strong> and a couple themselves, <strong><a href="">Pam Korte</a> </strong>and<strong> <a href="">Richard Hague</a></strong>, join Jane Durrell to discuss the genesis of this idea and some of the couples who are featured in the exhibit, which opens February 24.</p><p></p><p> Fri, 01 Mar 2013 05:32:10 +0000 Jane Durrell 9640 at "Confluence" - Individual Works by Artistic Couples Phyllis Weston <p>Jane Durrell has a profile of one of Cincinnati’s true arts leaders and supporters, <a href=""><strong>Phyllis Weston</strong></a>. Mrs. Fri, 05 Oct 2012 05:32:30 +0000 Jane Durrell 4590 at Phyllis Weston Labyrinth Arts Festival <p>Anderson Township’s<strong> Heritage Unitarian Universalist Church</strong> is holding its inaugural <a href=""><strong>Labyrinth Arts Festival </strong></a>on October 13 on the church grounds. Organizers <strong>Chris Burroughs</strong> and<strong> Laura Provard</strong> join Robyn Carey-Allgeyer to discuss the fair’s inception and some of the artists who will be participating.</p> Fri, 05 Oct 2012 05:32:00 +0000 Robyn Carey-Allgeyer 4599 at Labyrinth Arts Festival